Monday, January 22, 2018


We start this week with the buses being cancelled again so the children have had a very long weekend with no buses on Friday as well.   It is snowing today but it looks nice and white much nicer than the dirty snow.  

Erika was suppose to cater the Lions dinner tonight as well but that has been cancelled as well tonight.  We are working on the new website for Erika’s and up to date version of it.  Our first Roast Beef dinner buffet went well for the first of the year on Friday night.  Erika is busy making shepherds pie, chicken alfredo and finishing off some chili.  It has been a fairly busy day even with the snow coming down.  Short on staff so we will be doing the closing tonight ourselves.  We were fortunate to sample some loaves of bread that were made for us.  Unfortunately Erika just doesn’t have time to devote to the bread making area in our bakery so we are in the investigation stages of figuring out what we can do to solve the limited bread issue.  

Tuesday, January 23, 2018